Truck Loads

The volumes indicated can change depending upon the combined weight of the products to be delivered.
The capacity range is from heavy products (rock & pebble) to lighter products (mulch).
If you’re unsure, please give us a call.

Colorado 4×4 Tipper

Width: Car
Height: Car
Capacity: 1/2m3 – 2m3

ISUZU Tipper

Width: 2.6m
Height: 2.6m
Capacity: 3m3 – 5m3

Hino Tipper

Width: 2.7m
Height: 2.9m
Capacity: 5m3 – 7m3

Iveco Tipper

Width: 2.9m
Height: 3.2m
Capacity: 8m3 – 13m3

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