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For all your Garden Supplies & Equipment Hire needs, servicing Warragul and Gippsland

Warragul Garden Supplies

Mulches, Sands, Soils, Rock & Firewood Supplies

We have a large range of Mulches, Sands, Soils, Pebbles, Crushed rock for Paths, Driveways and Drainage, Feature Rocks, Lawn Mixes, Compost, Vegi Garden Mixes and Firewood. For all of your Garden Supplies in Warragul.

Warragul Equipment Hire

Equipment Hire

We offer a wide range of equipment for both Domestic and Business clients. We pride ourselves on providing good quality and well maintained equipment for all your needs. Our hire options range from half day, one day through to long term hire.

Garden Products in Warragul

Gardening Supplies

We have an excellent range of Stakes, Sleepers, Garden Tools, Lawn Seed, Pickets etc. We would love to show you our Warragul Garden Supplies range.

Building Supplies Warragul

Building, Bricklaying & Concreting

We have a range of products for Bricklaying, Building, Concreting, Plumbing and Drainage. For the gardener, we stock Stakes, Sleepers, Garden Tools, Lawn Seed, Pickets etc.

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Steel garden edging, retaining & planters

For in-ground garden bed edging that’s all about those strong straight lines or geometric patterns, you can’t go past our Straightcurve Rigidline option.

GEOHEX Ground Stabilizer

This product can be used under footpaths, driveways, lawn etc, where there is traffic, and you don't want to get compression dips.

Water Feature

Build a Water Feature

It is not as hard as you image. The peaceful sounds of running water, and the attraction to birds, makes it well worth it.

Scoria Driveway

Crushed Rock Driveways & Footpaths

A Crushed Rock driveway is not as hard to do as you would expect. It gives your house a natural and asthetic appearance.

Dry River Bed pebbles rocks

Build a Dry River Bed Feature

A dry river bed can be an attractive feature. It is not connect to water, but plants and native grasses along the edges with the pebbles are a great feature to any garden. Very low maintenance.

Lawn Care is important to make your garden shine

Lawn Care

We have the knowledge as to which species of lawn seed to plant in the various areas of Gippsland. Top dressing with our special mixtures.



Harvesting your own home grown food, is a wonderful experience, and the taste is fantastic.

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