Straightcurve® Universal Bracing Set

$22.45 each

When using the Straightcurve® Raised Garden Bed Edging (240mm), your circumstances may require a Universal Bracing Set as a ground anchor alternative; namely when the edge is performing as a step or if the ground anchor cannot penetrate due to ground conditions.

The stake that comes with the Universal Bracing Set is of a star picket style and will penetrate very hard surfaces, as do the fixing spikes that lock in the feet.

On concrete, a bolt down method can be used in place of the stake, anchoring the cable or chain with a DynaBolt. Tip: When using the Universal Bracing Sets, securing the anchor point to alternative structures such as walls or fences is also a workable solution.

Each Universal Bracing Set contains one brace set, each 2.2m length requires two brace sets.

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